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When driving in North Carolina, great caution should be exercised if you drink before driving. Though having one or two alcoholic beverages likely will not greatly impair your ability to safely operate your vehicle, it could increase your BAC to the point where police could arrest you for DWI. Because of this possibility, here is why it is important to rely on experienced Raleigh NC criminal lawyers in these situations.

Standard Vehicles

While it is against the law for any driver under age 21 to have a BAC above .00, drivers who are over age 21 and are operating a standard car, truck, SUV, or other passenger vehicle can have a BAC no greater than .08 before being declared intoxicated.

Commercial Drivers

For those who drive commercial vehicles, they are held to a much higher standard regarding BAC levels. In these cases, drivers of these vehicles can have a BAC of no greater than .04 before being arrested for DWI. If arrested while driving a commercial vehicle, always contact a DUI law firm in Raleigh such as the Law Offices of Karl Knudsen for assistance.

Prior DWI Convictions

If you have a previous DWI conviction, be very careful if you drink before getting behind the wheel. Like commercial drivers, you are not allowed to have a BAC greater than .04 before being arrested. If this happens, prosecutors will attempt to make you suffer very serious consequences as a result, especially if you are involved in an accident. Therefore, always rely on Raleigh NC criminal lawyers who have been successful handling these complex cases.

Since these cases often involve mistakes made by police in determining BAC levels of drivers, don’t sit back and do nothing. Instead, contact the Law Offices of Karl Knudsen, a DUI law firm in Raleigh that is known for a track record of success in helping clients.

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