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According to our personal injury attorney in Raleigh, after being injured in an accident as an Uber passenger, it’s extremely difficult for anybody to attribute any liability to you. After all, you weren’t driving. That reduces the liability issue down to either your driver, somebody else or both of them. 

Karl Knudsen is a Raleigh NC personal injury attorney. He advises that both Uber and its drivers have a legal obligation to use due care and caution for the safety of Uber passengers and anybody else on the roadway. That’s the reason why North Carolina law requires them to maintain liability insurance.

Uber’s liability insurance coverage is triggered when an Uber driver is transporting one or more Uber passengers. Those policy limits are quite high too, but that coverage is usually secondary to the Uber driver’s personal auto liability insurance. If an Uber driver’s personal insurance policy excludes him or her from coverage when operating the insured vehicle for a commercial purpose when transporting an Uber passenger, Uber’s insurer must then cover any personal injury claim made by that passenger. The same rule applies to anybody injured in an Uber accident who was not an Uber passenger.

Whether you were injured in an Uber accident by the fault of an Uber driver as a passenger, another motorist, a bicyclist or a pedestrian, you don’t want to be caught in the middle when the different insurance companies are pointing their fingers at each other. Contact the personal injury attorney Raleigh at the Law Office of Karl Knudsen to arrange for a free consultation and case review. He wants to know what happened to you, and your questions will be answered too. After that, you’ll learn about all of the legal options that are available to stop that finger pointing. Don’t get caught in the middle. Call Karl Knudsen.

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