Car/Auto/Truck Accident
Attorney In Raleigh, NC

Car/Auto/Truck Accident Attorney In Raleigh, NC

You may be available to compensation when injured after a truck or car/auto accident for medical bills, loss of income, and other accident-related expenses, provided the related fault was caused by the other driver.

Though oftentimes you may have contributed to the occurrence of an accident, you may still be entitled somehow to the cited compensation but to a lower settlement claim.

The initial process in a personal injury case is to determine the immediate cause of the accident, and who should be held liable for the damages and injuries. This might sound simple, but an experienced and efficient car/auto accident injury attorney may carry it out in a more proficient manner through the conduct of a thorough examination and investigation.

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There are catastrophic accidents and these are the accidents that result in the death of numerous victims, like a collision between a truck and a passenger van that led to numerous deaths. Another instance is when a heavy-duty tractor runs over a small car and as a result, the car is crushed like a tin can.

In cases where there is a collision between a car and a truck, the driver of the latter is usually pinned as the driver at fault and the former may be entitled to the appropriate compensation for the injuries suffered, as well as their losses. However, when you opt to hire the service of a high caliber personal injury lawyer, you will be able to claim a settlement payment to a maximum rate. 

This rule has been litigated over and over due to the size of the truck that may crash the passenger cars that easily. Raleigh, North Carolina recognizes this fact that the truck may cause a great deal of destruction and this is the main reason why truck companies are subjected to various rules and regulations which are designed to protect the interest of smaller vehicle owners.

In short, the truckers in North Carolina are always subjected to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations on top of the state-specific laws that likewise regulate the maximum speed of heavy trucks, especially when the drivers of the trucks are drug users or alcoholics.

car accidents

The assumption when you and your passenger car experience a crash with a transport truck is that you will be suffering from a vital property loss, multiple injuries, and damages that adversely affect your regular job engagement. Although, the trauma will not be removed right away, the fair amount of settlement claim may somehow address your financial stress.

Most of the cases involving trucks and cars are caused by negligence or mechanical flaws due to the reason that these kind of mishaps are totally avoidable. Examples of these are the following:

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