Driving While Impaired
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Driving While Impaired Attorney Raleigh, NC

The utilization of motorized vehicles are typically for accessibility and ease but due to the commission of road misdemeanors, they are typically the reason for accidents.

To this effect, the State of North Carolina opted to regulate road policy violations which includes Driving While Impaired (DWI). While some states have Driving While Intoxicated statute, North Carolina has adopted a Driving While Impaired charge. The difference between the two is that the former just penalizes alcohol-related driving charges, while latter penalizes all offense in which a driver can be impaired, such as driving while taking prescription medication, alcohol, or illegal drugs.


In comparison with the drunk driving laws of other States, North Carolina’s DWI law happens to be the strictest.

The law of North Carolina strictly implements the law on DWI in order to cover a wide scope that is meant to maintain order and save lives. In North Carolina, if you are pulled over while operating a motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will end up indicted with a criminal offense.

Basically, the DWI law has to have the following elements before such act can be considered a misdemeanor:

(a) an act of operating a motor vehicle
(b) on a public highway, street or vehicular area;
(c) while under the influence of an impairing substance, or with an alcohol concentration in the blood amounting to .08% or more at any relevant time after driving.

The commission of this misdemeanor is restricted only if the offender operated a motor vehicle while on a street, highway, or any public land during the presence of the following circumstances:

The North Carolina law is unique simply because it was been drafted to not limit the substance being ingested to alcohol only. Thus, the law used the term substance to include individuals who are under the influence of drugs or other substances which could impair the normal faculty of the driver.

The commission of DWI is a serious matter because in that, apart from the suspension of your driver’s license, you will still be held liable civilly and criminally. When a DWI has been
aggravated by the commission of serious physical injuries or even death, your sanctions will upsurge too.

Since DWI is punitive in nature, it most surely will destroy the careers or job opportunities of the offenders. That is why the commission of DWI requires the engagement of an efficient and experienced attorney.

The domino effect of being convicted to a DWI offense is devastating to most. Exlcuding the loss of gainful employment, insurance premiums will skyrocket exorbitantly.

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