Drug and Alcohol Charges
Attorney Raleigh, NC

Drug and Alcohol Charges Attorney Raleigh, NC

The usage of illegal drugs is unlawful and as a consequence, punishable under the law of North Carolina. Even the mere possession of illegal substances may still jeopardize your freedom.
Along with that, driving while impaired is likewise deemed a criminal offense because its commission is under the influence of either alcohol or illegal drugs. Both offenses are considered a misdemeanor upon the first commission.
Nonetheless, let’s discuss the phrase “drug crimes”. The phrase drug crimes is used in a wide range and each of them has a corresponding penalty.


The following are deemed a drug crime, to wit:

The above-cited criminal acts are just a few of the felonies being punished under the law and each uses the corresponding heavy sanctions which include imprisonment and fines.

In this relation, schedules have already been implemented in an effort to systematize the way in which offenders be charged and sentenced according to the following:

1. Schedule I – this involves drugs that do not possess have a medical use and are considered to be by far the most addictive and dangerous, i.e. heroin or cocaine

2. Schedule II – this pertains to drugs with medical use but has the potential to a high risk of addiction; i.e. Oxycodone

3. Schedule III – these are the less dangerous drugs, yet may have the outcome of a risk of abuse , i.e. steroids and depressants;

4. Schedule IV – these are drugs that usually have a medical use and they may be prescribed, however, they also have a slight risk of addiction;

5. Schedule V – An example of this drug is Tylenol and it has a low risk for addiction;

6. Schedule VI – these are drugs that have a low risk for addiction and/or dependency and has no legally recognized and recorded medical use; i.e. marijuana


The penalties for each and every drug violation per the above-cited schedules vary based on separate and distinct factors, such as amounts seized during the arrest, and likelihood of selling the drugs seized.

Drug crimes are serious and if convicted, may adversely impact your life. Prison time typically results in the loss of a job and, when released, can hinder getting gainful employment.

On the other hand, Driving While Impaired (DWI) penalizes the act of driving under the influence of either alcohol or unregulated drugs.

Primarily, DWI law has the following elements before such an act be considered a misdemeanor and these are as follow:

DWI and Drug Crimes have initially deemed a misdemeanor and both offenses may result in the revocation of the Driver’s License.

To somehow protect your rights and to ensure that due process is being observed, may it be for a DWI or Drug Crime, you may need to hire an experienced and efficient Lawyer who is proficiently well versed to handle your case to your utmost satisfaction and provide you with the productive legal advice along the way. An Attorney who has the courage to fight for your rights and someone who already honed a negotiating skill during his law practice to obtain a reduced sentence for your advantage or at least get hold of probation or a drug rehabilitation instead when you are convicted.

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