Domestic violence is a huge problem in North Carolina and across the country, in general. It involves a physical pattern of abuse among spouses or unmarried couples in a romantic relationship, family members of individuals within the same household. It is a serious crime that may involve violent acts like assault, battery, sexual assault and rape. There are a number of consequences a person can face if they are arrested and charged with domestic violence.

Monetary Damages

A domestic violence defendant is required to pay monetary damages to the victim to cover that person’s financial losses. For instance, if the person had to go to the emergency room, they can recover compensation for hospital bills. Likewise, the defendant may be required to pay them for their pain and suffering.

Restraining Orders

In a domestic violence case, the judge can issue a temporary or permanent order of protection or restraining order against the defendant. This is a legal order that requires the individual to stay a certain distance away from the victim. It also prohibits the defendant from contacting that person in any way.


The judge may also order the defendant to attend rehabilitation courses. These are mandatory and usually involve anger management classes but may also include alcohol or drug rehabilitation if the defendant has a substance abuse problem.

Loss of Custodial Rights

If a person is convicted of domestic violence, they may lose custody of their child or even visitation rights to see their child. This is especially relevant when the domestic violence situation involves a couple that lives together and shares a child.

Loss of Other Rights

Another consequence of domestic violence is the loss of other rights. This can range from having the right to own a gun and even the right to keep or obtain a driver’s license.

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