As per the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, car infotainment centers continue to contribute to distracted driving. That technology on our dash boards can distract us for more than 30 seconds. According to the Virginia Tech Traffic Safety Institute, if a driver takes his or her eyes off of the road for just five seconds at 55 mph to look at a text or dial a phone number on a mobile phone, he or she has traveled the length of a football field. Translate that into 35 to 45 seconds with an infotainment center, and there’s the problem. Karl Knudsen is a personal injury attorney in Raleigh. If you were seriously injured by a driver who was distracted with an infotainment center in or around Wake County, you’ll want to speak with a personal injury attorney Raleigh from the Law Office of Karl Knudsen.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has concluded that there are three types of driver distraction. Those are:

Karl Knudsen, the personal injury lawyer in Raleigh NC says that when one or even all of these distractions occurs, a driver not only risks his or her own personal safety. He or she jeopardizes the safety of others who are on or near that roadway too.

Proving distraction by another driver’s use of an infotainment center or other technological aid or device is a complex endeavor. You can speak with a personal injury attorney in Raleigh NC at the Law Office of Karl Knudsen about how a distracted driver injured and affected your life. Contact him to arrange for a free consultation and case review. He will discuss all of your legal options with you.

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